A new research done and published by Poly, a video and audio products maker, shows that hybrid work environments are key to hiring and retaining talents. One of the key findings, according to the study, is that companies are investing in relevant tools required to enable hybrid working enviromemnt. 

The new research dubbed Recruit, Retain and Grow, sought to to anlayze different workplace elements such as culture, wellness and policies with over 2,500 global business decision makers as participants. 

The research showed that orgnaizations need to address their hybrid work processes and plans otherwise, their recruitment  and retention rates will be at risk. “At Poly, we believe that being able to enable a hybrid working environment is not the endgame, but a starting point for the competitive organizations today. Our latest research validates Poly’s point of view. We found that employees are supportive of companies that take a holistic approach to defining their culture, offer flexibility in where and how they work, and are provided with the right tools to succeed.” said John Goodwin, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs at Poly.

In relation to the shifting workplace environment, the research revealed that 58% of participants already experienced employee turnover since the pandemic struck. For exiting employees, the study found that most of them attributed the move to solely how their employer’s approached hybrid work. Besides, only 48% of organizations are prepared for hybrid working while 37% of organizations are prepared in a short-term. 

Other key hybrid work concerns include:

  • 49% of employers worry about the development of an unhealthy work culture
  • 49% of employers have concerns about people feeling like they need to be “on” all the time.
  • 74 % of employers are concerned about how remote work has made fostering and maintaining work culture difficult

Furthemore, the research concluded that majority of companies view technology and experience as the face of a company rather than office space alone. As such 77% of companies took an initiative to redesign their office with more open plan areas, collaboration spaces, quiet zones, and areas to socialize.