The partnership between OpenAI and Microsoft has captured the attention of the artificial intelligence industry, but one of its co-founders is not happy with how the company has developed. Tesla CEO Elon Musk expressed his disappointment with the evolution of OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, in a tweet responding to Genevieve Roch-Dector, a substack journalist and Grit Capital CEO. Roch-Dector highlighted Musk’s view that AI is one of the biggest risks to civilization and needs regulation, to which she pointed out that he co-founded AI.

Musk responded by stating that OpenAI was established as an open-source, non-profit organization to serve as a counterweight to Google, but it has become a closed-source, maximum-profit company controlled by Microsoft. The ChatGPT AI chatbot has received both praise and criticism for its neural network’s ability to think like a human, with some critics expressing concerns about its use in phishing and malware attacks and potential risks to privacy.

Musk’s comments about OpenAI transforming into a for-profit company are supported by OpenAI’s announcement on their website in 2019 that they created OpenAI LP, a capped profit company for accelerated investments in computing and talent. Microsoft’s $10 billion investment in OpenAI is aimed at integrating the company’s technology into its Bing search engine and cloud services.